I’m Martina…

You may see me here as an entrepreneur, with my shiny exterior and professional photos, and think, ‘Ya, but Martina, you have it so easy.’ But, what you haven’t seen is the hours of work, the puddles of tears, the deep inner workings of a soul in a human body trying to navigate triggers, self-doubt, self-worthiness, creativity, conditioning, strategy, and the deep desire for success. You haven’t seen the hours of courses, coaching, and therapy I have done. You haven’t seen the investments I have made in myself to get to this place. This stuff takes work. It takes practice, and it takes a willingness to let it get messy!

The Coles notes:

I have been coaching clients for 11 years. It started out as nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and overall wellness coaching. However, this has majorly shifted, as I followed my intuition, and trusted in my energy.

Catch me on Pinterest on a sultry Saturday night, pining decor, brand vibes, and cute quotes.

I have had failed launches, and made zero dollars doing what I’m doing right now. (This has since changed).

I have spent thousands of dollars investing in my own learning through coaches and courses. (Some great, some not so great.)

My main man is my dog, Malfi.
I have lived in 7 different countries.
I live for carbs and cuddles.
My favourite scents are Autumn, fresh ground coffee, summer rain, and winter fires

Your turn, let’s get to know each other!

The longer version for my readers:

My previous business and life was teaching yoga, meditation, and I was a registered holistic nutritionist. Basically I was super zen all the time, jk – I was still a hot mess sometimes. Everything was going amazing! Until it wasn’t…

Maybe you’ve been there too? I lost that je ne sais quoi, my mojo, that zest for showing up, but I didn’t even realize it, yet…

It wasn’t until my coach asked me this simple question, “Martina, what do you actually want to be doing?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “I want to help women create beautiful brands, help them find their story, and create clarity in their copy. I want to help them get creative and strategize their plan.” To which she responded, “So, why aren’t you doing that?”

Great, effing question, eh?! (Hi, I’m also Canadian.)

So, I threw an entirely thriving business out the door, and started fresh – real fresh. I trusted. It was not an easy thing to do. Just because something is working, doesn’t mean you have to stick to it.

Now, here I am creating, writing, envisioning, and strategizing with the coolest women in the biz. And, the best part is, you’re one of them.

I create.
I envision.
I write.
I use energy as a strategy.
And, I can’t wait to work with you.

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My Philosophy:

I am all about the vision, the voice and the vibe. It’s the trifecta of life, branding, marketing and what I stand for. If it doesn’t make you feel something, it’s not worth investing your energy in.