be you & full program!

Let's create a lifestyle that feels free, aligned, empowered, exciting, connected, and sustainable - together!

Who would you be, if you were the fullest expression of yourself?

Be You + Full will help you create a sustainable lifestyle where you don’t feel ashamed to shift, change gears, make tiny tweaks, learn to appreciate and celebrate, but also learn to let go when it’s not in alignment anymore. 


Meet the real Me!

Hello, I'm 


I'm a woman with an open heart! I am an open book, and mostly, I’m a mishmash of woo-woo, modern spirituality, dogs, decor, charcuterie boards, good wine, and I help guide people back to themselves.

Yes, I have degrees and designations, but that’s not how I got here...

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Two of my favs!

I love dogs and decor

What do I live for?

I live for carbs and cuddles

Austrology Sign:

I am a Cancer sun, and Taurus moon

Favourite SMELLS:

Autumn, ground coffee, fresh rain, summer fires

In this program, we will curate a custom recipe for your lifestyle, wellness, mindset, and spiritual toolbox. 

This is your permission to do the BIG, scary, even unconventional thing. Because, you’re not living for anyone else here, you’re living for you. I can’t believe I’m about to quote eminem, but he’s right. You’ve got one shot, one opportunity. Fuck living for the the people who are too scared to do the big stuff. If they want to stay there, let them. ⠀

Discover the benefits!

Meditation and mindfulness
Yoga and movement
Bubble baths and boundaries
Bananas and burritos
Modern spirituality 
Woo woo wellness
Lifestyle and limiting beliefs 
Power tap - get into the vibration of personal power 

THE nitty gritty details

The details

Timeline: 4-weeks
All done through Facebook. 
Forever Access if you miss a session 
A community TO rediscover yourself in a safe and supportive space. 
An open mindset to tap into your inner magique. 

Are you in?

By the end of this program, you will feel more confident, unapologetic, free, self-loving, energized, and connected to your inner-knowing, so you can make the choices that are right for you. You will feel strong and empowered to weather any sh*t storm that comes your way. You will feel effing awesome within, regardless of what is going on externally, or how your physical body has changed.

Be who you are meant to be.⠀
Be you are here to be. ⠀
Be who you truly are.⠀
Be you, and FULL of it. ⠀


Be you & Full

"Testimonial 1 about how excellent the service is with the life coach's tips, advice, reasonable pricing, and other information"

"Testimonial 1 about how excellent the service is with the life coach's tips, advice, reasonable pricing, and other information"


Not sure if this program is the best fit for you?

Here are the top questions I am asked about the Be You & Full Program.

If you still find yourself asking additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out! I'd be happy to answer any and all your questions!


Who is this for?

Anyone who has felt they’ve lost themselves along the way and are seeking a way to gain back their personal power, feel energized, excited, free, and back to their core self.

How long is the be you & full program?

We will meet once a week for 4-weeks, but you will have forever access to the videos if you can’t make it. 

Where do our meetings/sessions take place?

We will meet on the magical Facebook platform each week.

What do I need?

An open time, a couple hours each week, the knowing that you can trust yourself, and probably a journal, pen, favourite liquid beverage (no judgements), and your comfies. An open mindset to tap into your inner magique. 

Why should I join?

 Because, it’s just time gf. It’s time to put yourself first, be supported and elevated in a safe community. 

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