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New Year, New YOU! Now what?

The Champagne has been popped, the cheesy props worn, you’ve kissed your sweetheart (or your fur baby), and your gut is full of chips, chocolate, and all kinds of goodies you don’t normally indulge in. Then, the next morning hits.…
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Burrito's, Balance and Banana's

This blog post is not your typical guide. Are you ready for your Nutritionist and Yoga teacher to tell you your how-to’s for the week? Or, your 5-step program to elation? Well sorry, this is not that kind of guide…
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Spring Clearing by Adding Colour

Well, we did it. We got through the winter here in Canada… whatever that was! Whether your winter was snowy, rainy, slushy or just plain cold, it’s time to let go of the extreme elements that keep us inside and…
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