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“One of the best things the universe has done for me is putting Martina along my path. I met Martina through work and since day 1 of meeting her, she has been nothing, but a positive influence, source of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement, in the most gentle, non-intimidating, non-judgmental manner. Her plethora of knowledge and sweet voice combined, is enough to make one feel at ease, relaxed, calm and at peace with one’s self. "

– 1:1 client

"Martina has always encouraged and reassured me in her knowledgeable way to believe and acknowledge myself even if I was experiencing a negative feeling. I have been able to do far more than I thought I was ever capable of. With baby steps, as Martina says, I have been able to make some big strides. I hope I can always keep her in my life."

– 1:1 Client

"Thank you Martina for all that you do with so much passion and genuineness, for always having solutions to every question/obstacle or problem, and for always having my best interest at heart.”"

– 1:1 Client