Ya, you could do this alone, but you’re not here for that. You’re here for the strategy, the soul, the vision and the voice. Let’s do this together, and spark your creative juices, life and business.

All of these ingredients stirred in a pot will either boil over, or become the most delicious concoction ready to serve. It can be challenging to navigate when you don’t have a great sous-chef. (Yes, I can relate everything in life to food and cooking… I mean, yummm!).

Hi, I’m your sous chef.

Close your eyes.
What are you cooking up for your life?
When you see yourself sitting at the most beautiful table, with the most aesthetically pleasing place settings.
Who is there?
Who are you serving?
What are you serving?
How do you feel?
Where are you?
What’s in your environment?
Who isn’t there?

This is a huge clue for what you’re doing in your life and career. The colours, the people, the vibe, the frequency, hell even the food, it’s all a vision for how you want to feel at the end of your day.

Free. Peaceful. Connected. Loved and loving. Joyful. Calm. Fulfilled. Satisfied.

F U L L.

This is how I want all women to feel. Add a few more choice words, but my desire is for women to feel FULL.

1:1 coaching is the creation. It is the meal, the service, and the ambiance. It’s serving yourself, so that you can serve others in the way you were designed to serve. Getting intimate with yourself, and knowing what you want actually translates into your life and business. The creative energy shows up, and you learn how to anchor into your alignment.

Together, we get to take a step in solidarity with the vision for yourself, your life, your business or all of it. We take pieces, morsels,

You know how you want it to feel.
You know how you want it to taste.
You know how you ENVISION it – for yourself, your business, your life.

This is the starting point – the simmering. The rest, the concoction of a meal, you can let it stay on the heat and burn it to a crisp, or you can season it just so, ready to serve.

Let’s bring this delicious part of vision to LIFE. What’s on your table?

1:1 coaching where we fine-tune this standard – the creative process, the strategy, the marketing, and the soul that connects it all.

So, are you ready to serve up this delicious journey? 😉

Who is the for?

There are women with epic ideas.
You’re one of them

There are women with something to say.
You’re one of them.

There are women who can see greatness.
You’re one of them.

There are women who are meant for more.
You’re one of them.

There are women who are willing to step into the fires of fear.
You’re one of them.

Maybe you haven’t done these things yet, but you my dear, are one of these women.

The woman with epic ideas, greatness, wanting more, stepping beyond fear, and for the power that lies within.

I’m not here to do the work for you.

I’m here to work with you.

Whether it’s your business, or your life, it’s all the same – 1:1 coaching will shift your life.

You’re here, because you’re ready.

So you’re ready?

Coaching options


1:1 Coaching is available in different packages, and formats.
Sessions are 1-hour a week, or can be combined as Strategy + Soul sessions for a couple hours.
If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full package, Voxer coaching is a fantastic option for quick, potent, and powerful coaching. 

  • Full-year package
  • 3-month package
  • 6-month package
  • 30-day package
  • Voxer package

Strategy – Don’t have a business? Doesn’t matter, life has strategy too. Between branding, life, written pieces, and soul work, let’s marry what you’re dreaming of with aligned action.

Soul – You love plans, you have the ideas, you work hard, but something is missing. Maybe, you’re even burnt out… This is not the vibe anymore. Doing anything out of alignment with your next level self stops today. Let’s connect back to your soul with tools, coaching, and guidance.

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“One of the best things the universe has done for me is putting Martina along my path. I met Martina through work and since day 1 of meeting her, she has been nothing, but a positive influence, source of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement, in the most gentle, non-intimidating, non-judgmental manner. Her plethora of knowledge and sweet voice combined, is enough to make one feel at ease, relaxed, calm and at peace with one’s self. "

– 1:1 client

"Martina has always encouraged and reassured me in her knowledgeable way to believe and acknowledge myself even if I was experiencing a negative feeling. I have been able to do far more than I thought I was ever capable of. With baby steps, as Martina says, I have been able to make some big strides. I hope I can always keep her in my life."

– 1:1 Client

"Thank you Martina for all that you do with so much passion and genuineness, for always having solutions to every question/obstacle or problem, and for always having my best interest at heart.”"

– 1:1 Client