elevate – the mastermind

This intimate Mastermind is going to Elevate the F out of your copy, your content and your creativity, so you can connect with your clients, stand out and really speak to what you’re selling. 


I hate to break it to you, but there are a million coaches, creators, artists, and humans doing what you do.

These days, your work, your brand & your copy needs to be cutting edge… It can’t be the generic stuff we keep seeing.

It just can’t be…

Is that annoying ? Yup.
Does it suck? Kind of.

And, you have a huge opportunity here, if you want to see it that way…

An opportunity to stand out, claim your space and sell in the name of IMPACT.

So, how do you do this?

You Elevate the F out of your work, by being willing to look at it in a new way & by getting support.

When you elevate your copy, content and your aesthetics, you stand out & you start to get noticed.

But, it’s not just throwing up a post and hoping to go viral…

It’s intentional, artistic and it’s strategic – It’s being willing to be cutting edge.

What happens when you do this ?

Your audience will watch and even wait for your work.
They’ll get to know you in a way that isn’t just a boring bio.
Your creative energy becomes magnetizing, because it’s different.
Your audience will be activated by something they have never seen before, read before, and maybe even felt before.


If you want a hot audience filled with aligned ready to pay you clients, you’re gonna need to show them…

What do I mean by that?

I mean, spell it out REALLY fucking clear.

What it is you do,
How you help them,
How your work transforms them,
Who you are and how you’re really different than everyone else who is doing the same thing
(Because, as much as we are unicorns, there happen to be more people in your industry doing the same thing).

Elevating your brand & copy IS going to be the thing that does it.

This IS what makes you stand out!

This IS what gives you the confidence to stand behind your message.

This IS what relaxes your nervous system every time you get to asked, “How will you help me?,” or “Tell me about your work and what you do.”

No more scrambling for your words or fear of showing them where to go for information


Powerful copy can truly take your client from a “Not sure yet,” to a “Fuck yes – That’s who I want to work with.”

Wouldn’t that feel so good ?!

Elevate is where you’re going to learn how to do this for yourself.

Inside this Mastermind, you’re going to learn to how write highly converting copy that sounds like you.

Take your copy from vanilla, boring and blending in to highly intentional, intimate and activating.

Hi, I am Martina – A Creative Artistic Director + Copywriter for 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs. I work with brands that desire to be powerful, activating, leave a legacy, and are here to make an impact. Basically, I take your brand and your copy and elevate the F out of it.

To get consistent in writing it and actually getting clear on how you want to see and make sure your messaging is consistent.

This is what we’re going to be diving into inside Elevate among other artists, creatives and entrepreneurs.

This is a six week Mastermind for those who are very ready to express themselves in a way that attracts and converts ideal clients, and for those who are done being fluffy and vanilla.

Because, you want to stand out.
You want to be an authority, you want your copy to convert, you want to have more sales and leave an impactful legacy.

Plus, you want to be able to do it in a way that sounds like YOU.

This intimate Mastermind is going to Elevate the F out of your copy, your content and your creativity, so you can connect with your clients, stand out and really speak to what you’re selling.

You will learn how to write activating copy that is clear, concise and potent.

You will learn how to story-tell across all mediums, so your dream clients can find you and connect with you.

And, you will learn how to position yourself as an authority in your industry and stand the F out.

The Details:

6-weeks of Live Mastermind calls with Martina

Voxer coaching support while you are inside the Mastermind

1-piece of work edited per week

BONUS 1:1 call with Martina and an IG audit if you join by Feb 4th 

Payment options


“One of the best things the universe has done for me is putting Martina along my path. I met Martina through work and since day 1 of meeting her, she has been nothing, but a positive influence, source of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement, in the most gentle, non-intimidating, non-judgmental manner. Her plethora of knowledge and sweet voice combined, is enough to make one feel at ease, relaxed, calm and at peace with one’s self. "

– 1:1 client

"Martina has always encouraged and reassured me in her knowledgeable way to believe and acknowledge myself even if I was experiencing a negative feeling. I have been able to do far more than I thought I was ever capable of. With baby steps, as Martina says, I have been able to make some big strides. I hope I can always keep her in my life."

– 1:1 Client

"Thank you Martina for all that you do with so much passion and genuineness, for always having solutions to every question/obstacle or problem, and for always having my best interest at heart.”"

– 1:1 Client