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New Year, New YOU! Now what?

The Champagne has been popped, the cheesy props worn, you’ve kissed your sweetheart (or your fur baby), and your gut is full of chips, chocolate, and all kinds of goodies you don’t normally indulge in. Then, the next morning hits. You may roll out of bed, a tad hung-over, and think, “New Year, New Me!... F%$#, now I have to go to the gym.”

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Waking up on January 1st, year after year, can be one of two things: 1. Exciting for a fresh start, or 2. Anxiety inducing. The pressure to change, to create new healthy habits, or come up with a list of goals can be stressful. Why? Because, there’s the potential we won’t accomplish them. We’ll fall off the band wagon. We’ll eat some ice-cream and eff up our new found health kick. We’ll smoke a cigarette. We’ll have a beer. The list goes on. Eff it, let’s just screw it all and fall deep down that rabbit hole again. We’ll start again on Monday. Shit, maybe next month, or before that vacation. Or, January 2020, I’ll wait for you. Am I right? I hear you.

The reason why we fail, is because we aren’t choosing goals, intentions, resolutions, habits, whatever you’re aligned with, that give us the FEELING we want to invoke. We aren’t choosing activities, or rituals, or boundaries in our every day that make us feel the way we want to feel. We want to lose 10lbs, sure ok, but why? Have you ever asked yourself what would life look like if you lost that 10lbs? How will your day-today-life actually change? You’ll still go to work, take care of your kids, make food, do the laundry. So, what is it about losing 10lbs that changes your life?

This is where we have to dig deeper. For any of your intentions ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Then, ask again. Ask again, and again, and again until you get to your core desired feeling. Maybe in reality, you want to feel light, free, and airy – when you read this does this make you feel joyful, happy, peaceful? Dig deeper. Keep digging until you find your WHY.

The reason we fail at our resolutions, is because we have no idea why we are doing them.

Finding the reason behind your intentions or resolutions also gives us a major clue, and direction for where and how we can embody those feelings every single day. How can I embody ‘joy’ today? Then go do it. Whether it is having 4-minutes alone to attending a new fitness class, you’ve got to honour those things that make you feel the way you want to feel every. single. damn. day.

Recognize that you are worthy of feeling it.

Recognize that you are worthy of that time.

Recognize that in order to be the best version of yourself, you WILL honour your joyful (insert any feeling) moments.

Recognize that you ARE joy.

Embody it. Embrace it. Breath it in, and exhale to settle into it.

How do you know how you want to feel this year? Get quiet – always get quiet. When you take a deep breath, what is honestly missing from your life. What are you longing for in your heart? What is something you’ve always wanted to try? Why have you not started? Ask yourself some serious questions.

When we discover our ‘why,’ how we want to feel, and even what is stopping us, this helps us determine if we really want to succeed at our intention. Holding that feeling dear to your heart every single day will motivate us to stick to what it is we truly want. When you find out what it is, I promise you, my dear, you will not fail.

Say it with me - you will not fail.

Stay tune for more workshops, events, and group coaching coming up this year!

Or, you can join our January Facebook challenge - The First 30 Days 2019 for simple, do-able, tips and tricks and a mindful, healthy, month ahead!

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