Sip from the creative pool of potentiality.

You’re highly skilled at multitasking and you get it all done. Good for you!! But do you allow? Can you sit back, relax, and allow your mind to wander to ethereal places? Does this feel cringeworthy to you? You may be stuck in a routine where your body, mind and spirit are craving more flow and freedom.

Remember that sparkle you had in your eye when you got excited about an idea?

Remember when you could see your vision in your mind clear as day? You let it flow, and followed unknown paths.

Remember that tingle you got in your gut, or your heart, when you let the idea percolate?

We are here to remember all of that.

We are here to FEEL all of that again.

It’s in there, we’ve just slapped some cheap paint on top, and called it a life, a career, a relationship.

Remember creativity?

No, this isn’t about macaroni noodle art, (which it totally can be too), it’s about the magic within you.

It’s about reigniting that fire we all have.

Dear woman, you were here to birth something into this world – and this isn’t just about kiddos.

If creativity is stopping you from starting what you came here to do, THIS is where you start.

This is where WE start.

This is a creative course for women who are looking to start projects, ideas, businesses, careers, and side hustles.

This is for the woman who has stuffed herself in boxes she no longer fits in.

The high achiever, the doer, the highly accomplished, or the woman who is stuck in her own perfectionism.

This is where we reignite the spark, and fan our creative flames. 🔥

Maybe you’ve been stuck in the ‘DOING’ and you forgot about the creating. We will work together for four weeks to reawaken your WHY.

We will reconnect with the channel that started this excitement, and allow the dried up creative pool to be filled once again.

We will sparkle, shine, magnetize, and channel creative energy.

Create clarity, flow, untapped sources, and align with the season of spring.

Plant seeds for your next creative idea, vision, or product.

You don’t have to be a business owner or entrepreneur for this program – we ALL have this in us.

Let’s Awaken her. 🔥