Impact + Expansion – Workshop


I want you to feel like you matter, because you do.
I want you to feel confident, because it’s in you.
I want you to know that you do make an impact on people’s lives
I want you to know that impact and expansion go hand in hand.

You may feel like a tiny drop, but mixed with the right energy, you could make waves in this world.
This is a program about expanding through impact, and impacting through expansion.
If there’s something missing in your heart, and you’re missing the HOW this program will help you.
It starts with you and it starts with the right intention, energy, and knowing that you’re completely capable of making an impact and expanding your growth.

In this workshop we are going to work on both.
Do you know how waves are created?

Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. Wind-driven waves are created by the friction between wind and surface water. As wind blows across the surface of the ocean or a lake, the continual disturbance creates a wave crest.

Did you read that? FRICTION.
This isn’t always a bad thing. Friction begins from moving energy that isn’t still.
It needs to move, shift, change and alter. Have you ever felt like that?

What if that were you?
What if you created a wave that was unlike anything else?

Many of us want to make an impact, but we aren’t sure how.
We want to, but we are unsure of the energy it may take.
We’ve always held a cause close to our hearts, but we’re afraid of the friction.
We want to make waves, but we feel as tiny as a single drop of water.
We’re afraid of the responsibility of success AND failure.
And yet, much like the wave, once energy is applied, we can’t stop from there.
Once it’s been placed in our hearts and minds, we can’t stop thinking about it.
That thought and potential for expansion won’t even let us sleep at night.

You will be met with energy.
You will be met with a nudge.
You will be met with FRICTION.
And yet, once it begins, you can’t stop it.
The energy has already been set in motion. It’s as though the energy, drops of water, and wind create this monumental action that could expand everything.

Many of us shrink and stay small, because we are scared to make a rift in seemingly calm waters.
We don’t want to be the one to create the wave – we want someone else to do it.
We don’t think we matter enough.
We don’t think we are significant enough.
We are scared that if we make waves, it could cause a tsunami.
We are scared of the responsibility we may have to hold in knowing that from a tiny drop, we could create safety, or a storm.

But, what if…

From that wave, you carried a cause?
From that wave, you learned how to fly with friction?
From that wave, your soul learned how to surf?
From that wave, you found your place in the ocean?
From that wave, you learned how energy created impact and expansion?

What if you changed someone’s life?

If you have felt like there is something missing in your heart, make an impact in someone else’s.
What is that #1 impact you’ve always wanted to make a difference for?

Are you ready to make an impact and expand your life or another’s?

Join me for my next workshop, Impact and Expansion $111.