The Written Woman


You’ve watched them write.
You’ve tried prompts.
Waking up earlier.
Sneaking in sentences between sips.

But, that stark, blank, white page is intimidating.
It’s taunting you ‘you can’t do this, that isn’t how it’s done, you have nothing to say, this is stupid.’

What if it were easy, like brushing your teeth in the morning?
What if it were just part of your day, week, or weekend?
What if you dusted off that gorgeous journal you were saving for a ‘special’ time, and actually got to move your hand across the cover?
What if the pen sailed across the first page across the open blank sea of pages?
What if you surrendered – allowing your pen in hand to dance across the page like a dance floor?
What if it felt fun, cathartic, healing, enlightening, freeing, awakening to release the stories you’ve been saving?

There is a story within you, and it’s meant to be told.
It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.
It’s journaling, writing, exploring, your way.
It’s YOUR story – your version of this practice.

What if you could re-frame your idea about the ritual of writing?
What if you could share from a vulnerable, truthful place within you?
What if you could meet yourself on those pages?

The Written Woman is about just that – meeting her.
Pen to paper.
Honest, wild, free writing.
Is it your untold story?
Is it your soul journey?
Is it your adventure?
Is it your best friend?
Those pages can be ANYthing you need them to be.
You just have to meet yourself there.
And meet yourself, you will – in a BIG way.

I do writing differently.
Each session, we heal by writing our little hearts out.
I will be teaching you different ways to journal, write, explore, and expand.

These two rituals – meditation and journal exploration – will seriously change your life. Especially, if you’ve been desiring these practices, but don’t know where to start. Or, you start them, and just as easily let them slip.
More adventure, freedom, exploration, to let the wild woman OUT.

Blocks will be removed – writers block, soul blocks, energetic blocks, you’ve got blocks, we will help shift them 😉

There’s a story within. It’s time to let her out.