Vision, Voice + Vibe – The Workshop


The vibe behind the vision and the voice.

Some of us feel it so deeply.
Some of us see it so clearly.
Some of us connect it all so well – vision, voice + vibe.

Whether you struggle with the vision, or the voice, it all derives from a vibration – a feeling and a frequency. Maybe you’re still calling in the refinement of your vision, your voice, but you feel the vibe.

This workshop, Vision, Voice + Vibe, will help you refine, clarify, and sharpen your vision and life. It will help you connect to the words that inspire you, and anyone else communicating with you. You will learn to use words to paint a picture. This vision is your design, and you get to paint it.

You will learn how to:
Hold vision in the dark, when it looks foggy.
Call in the vision before you.
Get behind the vibe.
Start the writing process.

It’s a freeing of the vision, voice and vibe of everything that you are right now. This workshop is a sprinkle of the creative copy, creation, and curation world.

This is not just about owning a business, writing for a business, or in a corporate job. This is about women tapping back into intuition, their voice, and moving with inspiration. You don’t have to be a business owner, you just have to have the desire to connect the dots between what you’re feeling, how you desire to feel, and what you desire to gift the world.

You’re ready to see it.
You’re ready to write it.
You’re ready to feel it.
You in?

Investment – $22