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Rock Bottom

R O C K. B O T T O M.

Hey, who’s been there ? ??‍♀️ I know you have too. We all have our limits, we all have our breaking points. It’s part of what makes this human experience so fun, right?! ??

The shit storms are inevitable. ⛈ But, what if you were armed, like full suit on swat team style, to deal with it? Or, at least had some style of weapon to defend yourself ? (Not saying we should have guns here - this yogi is all about peace).

I have been there too. From 2017-2018, I had some major health issues, one’s that none could explain. Week after week, month after month, I would go from specialist to emergency rooms, Eastern doctors to Western doctors. Maybe if I eat this? Maybe if I take this supplement? Maybe if I take out these foods? It seemed whatever I tried, it wasn’t working. I felt defeated, and I didn’t understand.

If I was able to socialize, friends would ask if there were any improvements. The answer would always be, ‘no, I don’t know, I can’t tell. This week has been ok, but last week, nope.’ I had literally no connection or control over my body. The shittiest thing? I am a freaking Holistic Nutritionist!! How could I help others, if I couldn’t help myself?!

I fell into that depression dark hole. I was insanely tired, and would have to take naps between clients. I couldn’t get off the couch. I would binge watch TV until my eyes burned, and I finally fell asleep. I was emotionally all over the place. Those around me wanted so badly to help, but they just didn’t know how. Why? Because, none was in my freaking skin!!

I thought, ‘Is this just how my 30’s are? Maybe it’s my hormones changing? Maybe it’s the wine I drank? Or, the pizza I ate? Maybe it’s the extra weight I gained, because of this?’ SO many questions and variables ran through my mind.

It wasn’t until one day my partner (lovingly), snapped me out of it. He gave me the tough love I needed. The splash of water on my face, and the push to get up off the couch. He said, “What are you doing?! One day it’s this treatment, one day it’s that treatment. You’re literally confusing yourself, me, and your body! When are you going to get off the couch?”

It dawned on me, he didn’t want to be around me, and I did not blame him.

I realized, I had responsibility of my body and my health into my own hands. The missing part of all of this? My mindset was totally off. I let the fear creep in, and I fed her hard. I was not in the mindset of a healthy body, an empowered woman, I had no control, and I put everyone before myself.

So, I started with the first step. I got clear about what I wanted. I wanted to be healthy, in control, mindful and free. I wanted to feel grace, I wanted to move my body, and eat nourishing foods. I figured out a way how to do this.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

I took all my knowledge from yoga, nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness and turned it into a lifestyle. One that is sustainable. One where I can thrive, be healthy, confident, and feel like ME.

What I’m taking about is the emotional intelligence tools to help you get through. Training the mindset through the body is what I specialize in.

If this feels like something you're needing, craving, or your hand is up saying, "Me too, me too!!" Then, join me on a 6-week journey to get you up out of that shit storm. To create actionable, sustainable, mindful tools that work for YOU.

I hand you that swat team outfit with the weapons to help you guard, defend and conquer your own mind, so you can come out the other end of that storm with a rainbow. Hell, maybe it’s a double rainbow ? ?.

This program is going to be everything. It's the wake up call you're needing. It's me getting you off the couch, the bathroom floor, out of bed, and holding your hand through the whole process.

Join me.

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