From Sh*t Show To Soul-Full


A Signature Workshop To Help You Heal And Learn To Embrace a Soul-Full You

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Right now you’re probably feeling

  • Lost?
  • Misaligned?
  • Gross?
  • Disconnected from your body?
  • Like you have zero purpose being here on this planet?

You may even align with the label, Sh*t Show. Hands up emoji!

Feel Lost? Need To Feel Empowered?

Maybe you’re feeling lost. You’ve lost your sense of empowerment in their life. Maybe you have gone through a confusing time.

Maybe you’ve been through a breakup, had a baby, lost a friend, you’re navigating a tough season in your relationship.

You’re in major transition, but you don’t know where you’re headed.

You have the sense of lack of control.

Learn to Feel Empowered and Balanced

Limited Space is available for this program.

You keep thinking questions like:

‘Am I enough?’ 

‘Do I need to loose weight?’ 

‘Do they still love me?’ 

‘Am I worthy?’ 

‘How can I get through this?’

‘My body doesn’t work for me anymore.’

‘Who is even in this body?’


‘Whose body is this?’

You’ve gone to all the right doctors, had your hormones tested, gone to therapy, had all the healings, and something still isn’t jiving. You’re seeking alignment, embodiment, connection with you, but you just don’t know how to get there.


I have been there! I have gone from zero to hero – with food, exercise, spirituality, love, appearance, work, and I’m sure there are more I am forgetting. I would practice ALL the yoga, eat only organic food, meditate, and yet, see my body change in front me. I still lost the connection. I crashed HARD, and I missed the point of it all. So, became a sh*t show. Maybe you can relate to what happened next… I drank all the wine, and ate all the pizza until I hated myself. I would binge watch shitty TV, drive past the gym, and avoid contact with any human that was bettering themselves. And, you guessed it, become an emotional wreck.

Nothing was working in my mind, my body, or my soul, even though I had all the knowledge. I was a just a lump on a log.

Sh*t Show

I have been just that – an absolute sh*t show.

  • I didn’t sleep for 8 months
  • I had a skin rash covering my entire body with no tested allergens
  • I was feeling – foggy, dead, depressed
  • I was crazy emotional
  • I was barely able to work
  • socializing was painful – not only for my body, but because I just didn’t know how to
  • no one understood what I was going through – everyone else’s life looked perfect, but unattainable
  • I had hit the phase of adrenal fatigue, the only joy in my life was looking forward to pizza Fridays – uh, hello I’m a nutritionist!?
  • I had no answers
  • I spend hours, days, weeks lying on the couch waiting for someone to come save me (Spoiler – I had to save myself).

It wasn’t until I was handed a loving slap in the face by my body and a loved one (figuratively), that I realized I was in charge. I literally didn’t know that – who knew?! I thought if I just meditated more, if I had one more green smoothie with, insert superfood, or, if I practiced more yoga, it would all work out. I knew everything I had to do, but what I didn’t have was a mirror, support (outside of family), and the true kick in the pants I needed to learn HOW to heal myself.

Nothing shifted the way I wanted it to in the time I needed it to – until I got real deep, real raw, and real with myself.


I had to invest some serious time and money into myself. I hired my lovely coaches (many different kinds). I hired healers that were true to me. I hired some pretty rad people, and eventually it all started to shift. I started to feel full. When I say full, I mean FULL. Full of heart, of mind, of body, and of soul. Full of LOVE.

From Sh*t Show To Soul-Full

You’re here, because you’re ready to heal.

From Sh*t Show to Soul-Full is about creating a container of healing that is right for YOU. This is such a personalized program, that I am only taking a very small number of women. I know I am here to lead, to guide, to help woman heal – on a deep, deep level.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I value the number three and triangles. I love the shape and how no matter what, you will always be supported. You will always be grounded. You will always be loved.

This signature program is about working with the elements of misalignment and imbalance – body, mind, and spirit/soul, and helping to shift what’s out of whack

This Program is for YOU!

  • If you’ve been working out like crazy, eating healthy and the weight still isn’t moving – this is for you.
  • If you’ve been moving the body, meditating, but have been living off pizza – this is for you.
  • If you’ve been super spiritual, and consuming spirulina, but can’t get off your butt to move – this is for you.
  • If you’ve been feeling stuck, passive, like life if floating by, and you can’t wait to just crash into bed at night (or in front of the TV) – this is for you.

This program is for the woman who can’t seem to find a connection to her body, or her soul. You’ve been doing everything ‘right.’ You work out, you eat well, you meditate, yet something is still out of whack. It’s just not sitting right.



It’s about transitioning from that sh*t show to someone who feels full in their soul: Soul-Full.

All the things full, so that you are living in alignment with your highest INTENTION – the way you were meant to.

Major transformation does not happen overnight – it takes time. With shorter periods, we sometimes put a lot of pressure on ourselves and can bypass major healing, major steps, and end up right where we began at the beginning. From Sh*t Show to Soul-Full is 6-months, so you have the time, space and capacity to integrate your learning’s. You will see major transformation happening, but in a time that works for YOU.

I have created this signature program from all the years of learning on the physical AND the spiritual level of what it takes to heal yourself. From the many, many, many coaches, courses, programs, workshops, and deep inner work I have had to do to heal MYSELF.


We have, essentially, half the year left – how are you going to spend it?

  • Do you want to start 2020 the same way you spent 2019?
  • Do you want to start 2020 feeling the same way in your body? In your purpose? In your mind?
  • Nope, didn’t think so – you know what to do. Drop me a line. This is your time (does that rhyme? Totally does).

This is a powerful 6-month intensive signature program, where you work with me 1:1 on the most intimate and accelerating level.


  • 6 fresh starts
  • 20 calls
  • 6-months of opportunities to dive deep, to get raw, to get real – with yourself
  • Multiple hours of learning, homework, monthly online sessions
  • Opportunities to accelerate your personal growth and help you train that mindful mindset muscle
  • 6-months of accountability in nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and movement
  • 6-months to meet yourself at the soul level
  • The opportunity to meet your truest, highest self, so that you can show up in the world the way you truly are meant to
  • Nourish your mind, nourish your soul, nourish your movement, nourish your self-care, nourish your body
  • Learn to fill yourself up from the inside out

Because you deserve to feel:

  • Empowered
  • Light
  • Free
  • Nourished
  • Connected
  • Energized
  • In control of your own body and life
  • Learn how to connect with your physical, emotional, and even spiritual body
  • Aligned with how you truly want to feel

What's Included

  • We meet online 3-4 times a month (depending on healing process)
  • Monthly lifestyle audits
  • Meditation and Mindfulness 1:1
  • Private Yoga – in person, or online
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Individual stress-management tools specific to your situation
  • Guest Healers catered to you and what’s happening for you
  • Spiritual and Soul guidance with intuitive teachings
  • Powerful transformation
  • Realignment with your soul and finding purpose
  • *Book before August 10th, and get some major FREE bonuses*

What You Need

  • An open mindset
  • An eagerness to learn
  • Dreams that are bigger than you can imagine
  • The desire to shift and transform
  • Internet
  • Comfy clothes
  • Journal
  • The belief that you deserve this, because you do!
  • To show up – not for me, but for YOU.


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