Let me guess…

  •  choosing YOU becomes harder and harder
    you typically put others before you
  • it’s hard to wind down
    you tend to show up better for others than yourself
  • making healthy choices is overwhelming
  • getting into the kitchen is hard AF
  • it’s easier to give in
  • boundaries are fuzzy
  • you don’t feel grounded
  • you’re stuck at rock bottom
  • you’re in a funk
  • you want to include a mindful practice into your day, but just don’t know where to start – hell, you don’t know where to start at ALL
  • you just don’t feel like, YOU

I have been there too

THE FIRST STEP is a brand new online course for female’s who are feeling lost. You have lost your sense of empowerment, your mind has taken over your thoughts, your body doesn’t feel like yours. Maybe you’ve gone through a confusing time – a transition, a health trauma, a breakup, you’ve had a baby, lost a friend, or you’re just navigating a tough season in your relationship. Maybe your mind wanders and wanders as if you’re in the Instagram ‘black hole,’ but with your thoughts and emotions – You have the sense that you’ve lost control.