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Your story should be experienced by your audience as authentic, original & magical - In a way that looks like you, sounds like you, and feels like you, so that you have more impact, income & ease. Let’s bring it to life!
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I'm Martina Biljan - Master Storyteller & Creative Brand Strategist.


Let's tell your story!

You have a story like no other and I’m here to bring it to life!! How do I do this? I love weaving your essence through strategic branding elements that include copywriting, creative branding & magnetic marketing elements.

Together, we infuse your unique energy into your imagery and words so that you confidently and powerfully stand out in a sea of diluted messaging. There is only one you.

Your audience deserves your story and the magic of your work – And they need to experience it. I’m here to help you express that story through magnetic branding.

I’m not here to put you into the box of one dimensional templated marketing strategies. I’m here to breathe life & energy into your brand, so that it’s deeply felt by your audience in a potent way.

The Weaving of Words & Creative Brand Strategy

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Work with me

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Client Love

~ Natalie, Women’s Healing Arts Facilitator

Working with Martina has been the most powerful support I could have invested in for my business. She has taken my craft and story and brought it to life! She has a magical sense of bringing the abstract parts of my work and infusing it into potent copy, imagery, and overall creative direction. Today my brand’s essence is deeply felt by my audience which has created more trust with my following, more abundance for me, a sense of flow in my business, and a greater impact in my purpose. I am eternally grateful for Martina’s gifts!!

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You’re amazing at what you do, AND you know how valuable it is to always be learning. 


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I am a Copywriter & Creative Brand Strategist who loves working with real humans who are relatable & not here just for the income (although I can for sure help with that). Your brand and business is one that is going to elevate the greater collective with your messaging & branding - I'm going to help you make sure this happens.

I have written my way around the world through my journals and my private life, and I have also made a career out of writing, marketing, & selling in the fashion, tv & the coaching industries. 

Now, I write for impactful brands online who desire to take their work & their message from bland to standing out, leaving a legacy & who want to be activating AF for their audience. 

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Theresa, Coach & Business Strategist

Not only was Martina incredibly supportive and saved me a lot of time, but she helped me revive and rewrite content, gave me clarity on my creative direction to speak to my ideal audience and find a groove with content creation again. Since working with her I have seen increased social engagement, growth and am attracting my ideal clients.

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