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I'm a woman with an open heart. I am an open book, and mostly, I’m a mishmash of woo-woo, modern spirituality, dogs, decor, charcuterie boards, good wine, and with these knick knacks in my back pocket, I help guide people back to themselves.

Yes, I have degrees and designations, but that’s not how I got here...

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It’s time to shed this layer of clothing that no longer fits. It’s time to burst through with your glory, beauty, and BEing. It’s time to become the goddess and the woman you were always meant to BE. 

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I LOVE working with clients who are open to the “woo woo.”!

To the weird and wacky ways in which we find a place called home. Sometimes, you’re eating burritos and sometimes it’s bananas. You might desire a sound bath with crystals and a chanting shaman. I don’t care what you use, it’s how you get there! What I do know about the wacky woo woo, is that there are so many tools, and so many souls. I’m here to introduce, guide, teach and support you on that journey.

Bottom Line: It’s about creating a lifestyle that feels free, aligned, empowered, exciting, connected, and sustainable.


1:1 Soul Coaching
Meditation & Yoga
Corporate Wellness

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Be you &
Full Program

Be You + Full is about learning how to show up and unapologetically be YOU, without the guilt, shame, fear, and self judgement. We do this by creating self-awareness, alignment, finding forgiveness, and giving permission to do all the things you want, the way YOU want to do it. It’s about rewriting your story, but also curating a sense of self, and lifestyle recipe that’s just right for you. Mmm.. delish!

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Be You + Full Program

Virtual Meditation & Yoga 

Done from the comfort of your home, and maybe your PJ’s, I virtually guide you into the practice of yoga and provide you with the tools to step into a studio or continue with your own practice.
If you are a beginner and would like an introduction to yoga, I highly recommend private sessions, especially to avoid injury. This ensures you get the proper attention and alignment that can be difficult in a full studio environment. 

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1:1 yoga - $80/hour
1:1 meditation - $35/half-hour
Packages available!

Corporate Wellness

Your company’s success is determined by the physical, mental and emotional health of your employees. A focus on mental health and wellness is essential to maintain a competitive advantage. That’s where I come in, as the residential Wellness Coach and Consultant. I help you provide an edge over other employers. Whether it’s prepping for a big meeting, or encouraging your employees out of their seats, I’m here to help them meet their health needs, and help your organization reach your goals

(Nutrition, Goals, Mindfulness, Movement)



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