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I know where & how to implement a strategy that takes your creation from boring & blending in, to magnetizing & OUT THERE.

And, good brands that stand out start with a story & a picture that’s been painted for their audience by weaving the story through the words, imagery, video & creative strategy. That story starts with YOU - Being YOU in your brand makes showing up easier.

Brands are more than just pretty colours, cool fonts & making money. Brands are a representation of the creator, the artist & the innovator who is here to make an impact. PS – That’s you! 

Creative Brand Strategy

Let’s connect with your audience in a creative & strategic way that is infused with marketing unique to you and exciting for your buyer.

If you have a brand or business, you have a story…. and, you have something to sell.

Honestly, maybe you don’t need more marketing content...

Maybe you just need to refine what you already have and use it strategically.

This is marketing mixed with personal art & storytelling.

I help you connect deeper with your audience by using real, strategic & activating ways that elevate your socials and support your sales in a unique way through creative marketing techniques.

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 To a brand rooted in personality, impact and infused with your energetic essence.

Go from overwhelmed, second-guessing & in over your head balancing strategies, offers, content, and energy...

You can...

Maybe you...

Have a clear message, brand recognition, stellar service, and know how you solve your client’s problem.

How do you market this in a way where they connect & buy from you? (You hire me!)

1:1 Client

I have been able to do far more than I thought I was ever capable of. With baby steps, as Martina says, I have been able to make some big strides.

Client Feedback

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Whether it is mapping out your next launch, content & copy prompts, social platform strategy, or planning your next photoshoot, the way you market yourself matters - Not just for you, but for your audience & the sacredness of your project.

  • No longer feel alone in your brand with a supportive creative team (PS: You were never meant to do it all alone!)

  • Don’t look or feel like anyone else doing the same thing.

  • Get your time back mapping out launch strategies & trying to follow *their* outline.

  • Know exactly what you’re posting, sharing & where and who you’re speaking to.

  • Infuse yourself into the story behind the sale.

  • Stop hiring or buying the program or course and finally make it official as a business owner with Creative Marketing & Brand Direction support.

  • You see your work out there in the world in a way that actually represents you & your big vision.

Step out of your creative edge and colour outside of the lines —  So you...

  • You’re ready to finally step into the role your business is begging you to - Aka, the reason you began this work.

  • You’re ready to step out of manic marketing & into a strategy that reflects your energy and unique business blueprint.

  • You’re ready for your intentionality to be felt by your clients & to do the pieces and parts of your business where you actually thrive.

  • You’re ready to let go of the way you’ve been doing things & where they aren’t working.

  • You’re ready to hand off your content to someone who can manage & scale it with energetic alignment.

This is for you if…..

Let’s take your brand to the next level - An exponential level that you maybe never thought possible.

Ready? Scroll down to get started.

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$333 USD

Get clear on where you're taking your brand, your business & your audience through a private brand strategy coaching call.

This is an intimate coaching session unique to your brand & business.

Go from overwhelmed, second guessing & in over your head balancing strategies, offers, continent & energy to a brand rooted in personality, impact and infused with your energetic essence. Step beyond your creative edge & colour outside of the lines… 

Creative Brand Strategy Call

work with me 1:1

$2222 USD/month

This 30-day offer allows you to get support M-F, so your brand stays relevant, consistent & you stay accountable to your big vision & creative marketing strategy. You get:

  • Access & accountability with a professional Creative Brand Strategist & Copywriter for all your marketing, strategy & copywriting questions.
  • Coaching support - Content, Copywriting or Mindset
  • Use of this time & space is curated for you and your personal & business goals.
  • Creative & Strategic support for your marketing, creative and branding.
  • Stay consistent, accountable and activated to do the work you desire to complete with momentum.

Ready for your brand to expand?

Voxer Brand Strategy & Coaching

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Whether it's marketing your launch strategy, managing your content, refining your copy, or planning your next photoshoot, let's get you a strategy you can stand behind with personalized creative project management.

Please note: Prices depend on a project-by-project basis. Contact me for more info.

Creative Project Management 

Starting at $555 USD

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Hi! if we haven't already met, I'm Martina. I'm a Copywriter & Creative Brand Strategist who loves working with real humans who are relatable and not here just for the income (although I can for sure help with that) but to help elevate the greater collective with their messaging and branding.

I have been in the marketing industry for over 15 years in all kinds of industries including fashion, tv, wellness, and now I help brands like yours STAND OUT and BE SOUGHT AFTER.

Still not sure? Send me an email with your questions!

Am I for You?

1:1 Client

Thank you Martina for all that you do with so much passion and genuineness, for always having solutions to every question/obstacle or problem, and for always having my best interest at heart.

Client Feedback

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