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I'm an expert at delivering Copywriting & Creative Brand Strategy that is powerfully ELEVATED, REFIND, and ACTIVATING AF – In a way that looks like you, sounds like you, and feels like you. Are you ready?

I'm Martina Biljan - Copywriter & Creative Brand Strategist.


Want to be one of those humans?

I have worked with outstanding 6 & 7-figure brands where I ensure their work & copy converts their audience from passive reader to active buyer. But mostly, I love working with real humans who are relatable & not here just for the income. Those humans, like you, desire to elevate the greater collective through their work and infuse the energy they create into their communities.

The humans I work with use their work to impact & ACTIVATE their audience into movement that changes the frequency of the world - Like you, they are doing big things!

Now I write for impactful brands online who desire to take their work & their message from bland to magnetizing in a creative & strategic way. 

Throughout all of my experiences — From working in corporate marketing, fashion & TV, to becoming a yoga teacher in Costa Rica and moving overseas to teach yoga in Europe — Writing has been the common thread that runs through it all.

I have been writing my whole life.

About My Work

  • My parents are immigrants from Croatia. 

  • I have lived in 7 different countries.

  • My favourite scents are Autumn, fresh ground coffee, summer rain, and winter fires.

  • I am a 2/4 Generator in Human Design, and a Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, and Aries rising in Astrology. 

  • And, I love all things woo woo & wine.

I usually choose to do the hard things - The option most people wouldn’t choose, because I am here for growth, evolution & limitless potential in my work and life.

  • I value intimate relationships — These have been my biggest teachers. The good, the bad & the heartbreaking.

  • I love dogs & decor and I live for carbs and cuddles.

  •  I have a rescue dog who is highly reactive, named Malfi, after the Amalfi coast in Italy. 

  • Small talk is hard for me - I like to get to the real deep stuff fast. 

  • I spent many years teaching yoga and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before finding my way back to writing & marketing as a profession for online brands. 

Here’s a glimpse into ME, Martina

About Me

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I have gone from making zero dollars to 6-figures and building my personal brand and I can’t wait to help you with yours. 

This is my F*CK ya purpose. 

The Universe will literally blow your mind, if you allow it to…